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“the things that keep you up at night are what get us up in the morning...”

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Network Operations
Post-Quantum Cryptography
CyberSecurity leadership as a Service when and where you need it. Integrity's (SLaaS) is designed to help businesses take control of information security. To develop an  Information Security strategy that guards sensitive information, strengthens brand reputation and protects customer data. SLaaS is a tailored information security program that delivers expert security leadership with a supporting team of analysts and consultants to solve unique cyber security challenges.
­dōlogiic’s Network Operation Center (NOC) handles your Network Infastructure project work. Our 650+ certified network operation engineers and technicians are able to perform servers, desktops and custom projects, including Active Directory deployment, Exchange cross forest migration, VMware setup and much more. Project work doesn’t have to be a disruption, and you don’t need the hassle of scheduling long hours or overtime to get it done.
­Examples of applications of post-quantum cryptography dōlogiic’s proprietary software defined edge protection saves your tech’s valuable time by automating the ticketing and alerting process, filtering out false positives and producing actionable tickets, so time is spent more wisely and they’re alerted only when attention is truly needed.
dōlogiic – "We get our brand from an intelligent play on the word “dō and logic. The dō is the go-on vocalization of the Japanese kanji 道 meaning "way” and "logic” meaning the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference. Its use of two "i's" gives it both a highly unique look and an entertaining pronunciation. [dō]+[läjēk] - perfect for our businesses model."
“the things that keep you up at night are what get us up in the morning”